Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Welcome to The Budget Foodie! Are you overworked, underpaid, and tired of eating like you still live in a college dorm?

Eating better doesn't have to be expensive! It doesn't even have to be very difficult, although sometimes a Kitchen Challenge can be fun. All you need is a love of eating and a hunger for something tastier. If you have a sense of how to improve what you've already got, you're on the right track (come on, you've put shredded pepper jack cheese and chopped scallions on those crummy microwave burritos, right? Or at least some frozen stir-fry veggies in that Ramen?).

Here's where you'll find all kinds of tips, tricks, recipes, budget wines that don't taste like bum wine, and ideas for nice dinners in (because you know you're tired of paying mumbley-mumble bucks for a Nice Dinner Out).

So, put down the take-out menu and step away from the TV with your hands up! You can cook, too! Just, you know, don't ask me to promise that you can cook without burning the place down. I'm still working on that myself.

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