Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hmmm, chicken

So, I made some chicken last night--a nice and healthy recipe that I got from Clean Eating Magazine (no, I'm not part of a movement, I just like some nutritious low-cal goodness).

Unfortunately, the recipe doesn't seem to be posted on their Web site and I probably shouldn't post it here. I guess I could lend the magazine or a copy of the recipe to friends or family but... I really don't want to get sued. So I'll list the ingredients, because that's not copyrightable!

The rice on the bottom is just a pilaf with onions, dried basil and cumin. It calls for brown rice but I substituted not quite 1 cup of red rice and topped it off with a bit of white rice.

The chicken sauce is a mixture of a single-serve package of plain non-fat yogurt, garlic, lime juice and chili powder.

We thought it was entirely too bland. As The Mr. said, "If I'd ordered this in a restaurant, I'd think it was pretty good. But since it was you, I'm disappointed." I don't know about that, though... it was just plain mediocre.

The post-dinner critique, which I wrote on a sticky note and attached to the recipe, is full of notes:
  • Bland
  • Add cumin, pepper to chicken
  • Chicken needs more spice!
  • More spices in rice
  • Use red rice, v. good
  • Add lentils to pilaf?
  • More heat in chicken
Tonight, I had a bit of carnivore guilt over buying Purdue brand chicken, so we dug out the veggie burgers that were hanging out in the back of the freezer. It was great! More about that soon!

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