Sunday, June 15, 2008

Free Senseo coffee maker! And, why coffee sellers should sell coffee by the ounce.

Someone over at PaperBackSwap linked to a site where you can get a Senseo coffee maker for $15 shipping!

Allow me to repeat that:


A few people ordered theirs a few months ago and have since received them. I ordered mine last night. It comes with some of the coffee pods, even!

If you don't like the expense of the pods, you can do track down this awesome thing called the Ecopad, which is a refillable, dishwasher safe filter pod for the Senseo. There's also the MyPod, which is like a regular coffee filter and not reusable. You're not locked into buying overpriced pods.

'Course, I'll probably end up giving away most of the pods that come with the machine. I assume that most/all are the full-leaded kind. Bah.

Speaking of which -- why are so few delicious gourmet coffees decaf? At the very least, why can't I buy an ounce or two of regular, instead of a full pound? See, regular coffee gives most of you a pleasant vroom! vroom! feeling.

It gives me the feeling like I've been strapped to the top of a speeding sports car while a mild electrical current runs through my body. Then I get about 60 minutes of intense concentration, followed by about 24 hours of insomnia.

So why is it that I can't have the same range of varietals and flavors that the jacked-up, overworked, and sleepless can?

Or at the very least, why can't I just buy an ounce?

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